Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre is a variation of Augusto Boal's 'Theatre of The Oppressed' a that was originally used widely for social reformation and change.

Tiatr-O! is the first brand to bring Forum Theatre to corporate India.

How does it work?:

Forum theatre is a unique and interactive way of addressing important topics. Professional actors perform pre-scripted plays that are centered around the subject being discussed.

What sets forum theatre apart is the use of 'intervention' as a technique. This allows workshop participants to actively engage in the play and identify ineffective behaviors. By becoming a part of the play, they have the power to correct these behaviors themselves.

Interventions occur multiple times throughout the play, providing numerous opportunities to steer the course of the original script and demonstrate more effective behaviors. This form of theatre not only entertains but also educates and empowers individuals to make positive changes in their own lives and those of their colleagues.



A forum theatre based workshop focused on gender issues at the workplace

SHAKTI is a powerful and engaging forum theatre workshop designed specifically for women to tackle the various workplace issues they encounter.

This workshop delves into topics such as bias, discrimination, imposter syndrome, and sexual harassment, offering practical and action-oriented solutions.

Participants learn how to assert themselves in challenging situations and develop assertive behaviors. The workshop addresses common workplace scenarios, including a) a)Discrimination in career progression, b) Workplace harassment,c) Explicit and Implicit biases. It also focuses on the role of men and how they can play powerful allies to women.

Through SHAKTI, women gain valuable insights and tools to navigate these challenges and create a more inclusive and respectful work environment.


Forum Theatre as a method has benefitted many business organisations not only in developing employee skills but also in bringing a positive shift in mindset, attitudes and approach to work and life. Below are some testimonials from people who have attended forum theatre workshops with Tiatr-O!