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Specially written plays focussed on important corporate topics, intermittently facilitated by an expert

Forum Theatre

Highly customised theatre based learning programs and workshops for a range of topics required by clients

Music & Dance

Musical and dance performances with relevant corporate and social messages which can be embedded within ….

Art & Entertainment

AV Shows, fine art, Films, documentaries – there is a learning in everything and at Tiatr-O!

Acting Workshop

Acting classes that focus on elements of emoyionl intelligence including introspection, empathy expression.

The Back Story

Welcome to Tiatr-o Theatre Based Corporate Training

Tiatr is a type of musical theatre from the state of Goa, performed in Konkani, by artists called as Tiatrists. Tiatr as an form is also popular in Mumbai and other cities of the world populated by Konkani speakers. Tiatr is derived from the Portuguese word for theatre, Tiatro, also spelt as Teatro, Theatro and Thiatro in more recent times. We take inspiration from this art form and call Ourselves Tiatr-O!

Key Offerings

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Black, White & Life in between

June 1, 2019

India’s first theatrical play on Diversity & Inclusion at the workplace. Interactive play that deals with diversity.

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June 1, 2019

This is a series of forum theatre based impactful programs designed for B2B and B2C sales effectiveness.

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June 1, 2019

Leadership Lessons from the life and works of R D Burman. A must attend program that teaches leadership traits.

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June 1, 2019

Leadership Lessons from the life and works of R D Burman. A must attend program that teaches leadership traits

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June 1, 2019

SHAKTI is a forum theatre workshop that addresses workplace issues faced by women.


Snippets from our programs










“All the 5 acts were thought provoking and the performances were excellent. My personal favourite was the act by Surya ( Mohamad Zeeshan). Kudos to the complete team of DimeZion3 f

Associate Vice President at Global Financial Solutions Company-

“This was a very impactful show and I recommend it to anyone interested in understanding the dynamics of diversity & inclusion at workplace. Kudos to the entire team for puttin

Vice President – HR at Leading BPO-

“The play was stimulating and my team enjoyed it very much . The theatrical learning was a good way of sensitizing us on the D&I at the workplace”

Diversity Leader at Reputed Marketing Agency-

“Had a pleasurable evening. Thanks for inviting us.”

Sr. Sales Consultant at International Automobile Giant-

“Awesome, One of a kind!”

Consultant at India based IT MNC-


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