Inspiration in Art and Entertainment

There is inspiration everywhere. Be it a piece of oil on canvas painting, a musical composition, an entertaining film, a music basedd show or a documentary. At Tiatr-O!, we use these inspirations to deliver classy learning content like never before.

Art based workshops
Music Circles

A must attend program that discusses Inspiring people leadership, creativity, innovation and resilience, through the life of the Maestro! This is a show presented by Madhav, a renowned music director in the Indian film industry.

Inspirational Leadership: What can we learn from Panchamda about tapping and leveraging the best talent?

Resilience: What does R D Burman teach us about handling difficult times and giving your best during the most challenging phases?

Building A personal Brand: PanchaMtantra teaches you the nuts and bolts about building your own leadership brand/ identity

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Leadership Lessons from the life and works of the one and only, R D Burman

Fostering Self Awareness, Confidence and creativity through colours and canvas

Art is a great form of not only expression but introspection and emotional immersion

Tiatr-O! is a platform that provides art-based workshops designed to help participants grow and develop. These workshops offer a unique opportunity for individuals to explore their inner selves and gain a deeper understanding of who they are. Through engaging in intensive art based activities, participants are able to express themselves and tap into their creativity. Additionally, these workshops aim to boost confidence levels and refine creative skills. By the end of the workshop, each participant is able to showcase their artistic abilities through a personal piece of art that they take home.

Tiatr-O! truly believes in the transformative power of art and is committed to helping individuals discover their true potential.

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Creativity, Team Work and pure fun through Instrument based community workshops

Music has the power to touch our souls and connect us in ways nothing else can. Every musical instrument, whether it's the drums, flute, guitar, saxophone, dholak, or tabla, carries its own unique story and has the ability to inspire people.

The impact of music on our minds and hearts cannot be underestimated. It has the ability to teach us powerful lessons, especially when experienced through group or community-based participation.

Our drum circles, in particular, provide an excellent platform for team members to come together, build synergy, and foster collaboration.

If you're interested in organizing a drum circle for your employees, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Let the rhythm bring your team closer together.