SHAKTI is a forum theatre workshop that addresses workplace issues faced by women. Right from gender bias and discrimination in career advancement opportunities, imposter syndrome, to sexual harassment; all aspects are covered in this action oriented workshop that helps women demonstrate assertive behaviors during challenging situations.

Some of the situations addressed are:

Discrimination in career advancement
  • What is the most effective option a woman should consider when denied a promotion/ growth opportunity?
  • How does one assert herself when her pregnancy or childbirth is used as an excuse to deny exciting opportunities?
Men & Their responsibilities
  • What should men do to ensure women get the respect that they deserve?
  • What responsibilities do men carry to be fair to their women colleagues and team members
Workplace Harassment
  • How does workplace harassment menifest itself at workplace and what should a woman do when she finds herself in such a situation?
  • What recourse should a woman take when her manager demonstrates discriminatory behaviour while assigning work responsibilities?
Explicit and Implicit Bias
  • How does one call out unconscious bias?
  • How should one assert their right to expression and opinion in a business setting? E.g. meetings


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