Acting classes that focus on elements of emoyionl intelligence including introspection, empathy expression and building relationships

Building Personal Effectiveness –through acting workshops

A 32 hours acting workshop that culminates into a play. Naturally, the participants learn acting skills. But what they also learn as a natural outcome of these classes is ways to build effective workplace relationships. Using theatre techniques and acting concepts, participants learn the nuances of Emotional Intelligence in a safe environment, thus deriving insights leading to interpersonal effectiveness. These workshops are facilitated by well known acting teachers/ coaches and celebrities from theatre and film industry.


Understanding self

  • Faculty helps participants understand and regulate themselves through the character
    • Understand my situation and my triggers using 5Ws and H
    • Understand my reactions through inner monologue
    • Managing my reactions and responding using monologues and improvisations

Understanding Others

  • Participants learn to relate to others and their feelings using a variety of theatre techniques like:
    • Emotional memory
    • Method Acting
    • …and more

Building relationships

  • Building relationships is all about behaviour. And as Shakespeare said, the world is a stage and we are but mere actors.
    • Acting exercises
    • Improvisations
    • Beats
    • Scoring a Scene
    • Inflection…and more!


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